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VIRIDY is a brand born from an interest in both fashion and the environment. This newly established clothing brand design, develop and manufacture with sustainability and ethics at the forefront.

The brand has a sense of relaxed and timeless elegance. The Aster trousers are our favourite piece from The Linen Collection. A flattering and relaxed style, made from natural, biodegradable and recyclable fabric. Effortless summer styling would include the Aster trousers, styled with an oversized linen shirt, paired with slip on rope sandals. 

We spoke with founder and designer, Grace, who tells us VIRIDY is committed to supporting the ecosystem directly by planting five trees for every item sold, in areas greatly affected by continuous deforestation efforts.

We asked Grace a few questions to get to know the processes and inspirations behind her collections.

Where are your designs made?

Our most recent collection and future collections are ethically handmade here in the UK by a seamstress in London who has started her own business making pieces for small brands. The first collection that we did was ethically made by a family run factory in Greece. I initially found it extremely difficult to produce in the UK as manufacturers had high minimums per piece. However, as soon as I found the person who I have now, I decided to move it back to the UK as it was always the goal to have UK made pieces.

Where do you find inspiration behind your designs?

Probably my own style, which is classic and minimalist. I wanted to shop sustainably but struggled to find pieces that I wanted to wear which were eco-friendly and ethically made.

I approach my own style and designs with the view to wear them for years, and can create different outfits from staple pieces. So, longevity hugely inspires my designs to ensure that they transcend years.

I would also say that as I am so passionate about the environment, the fabric choice really is a priority. So even if I have an idea for a design, but can’t make it sustainably and environmentally friendly, I just won’t make it.

Do you have any ideas for your future collections?

I have started to draw some designs and will be looking at getting the samples made soon which I’m really excited about. The next drop will actually be a small collection of staple loungewear pieces, which we are all living in at the moment.

I also have a few ideas for the following collection, but I’m still undecided on those as I am still searching for the right sustainable fabrics.

What was your thought process behind your recent change in sizes?

I’ve always wanted an inclusive brand. I soon realised that in the sustainability arena, plus sizes are sometimes underrepresented.

The previous sizing I used was ‘XS – L’, but knowing that I would be expanding the size range, I didn’t feel comfortable labelling any pieces as ‘XXXL’. I genuinely want people to feel confident and included wearing our pieces, so I switched to numerical sizing.

Which is your favourite piece from your current collection?

To be honest I love all of the pieces from the current collection, they’re all beautiful and high quality. If I had to choose though, I’d have to say the Aster trousers. They are so unbelievably comfy due to the sustainable lining I chose; I never want to take them off.

Where did your interest in design come from?

I’ve always had an interest in design. I’ve always been incredibly creative and artistic but initially pursued an academic route. But that just wasn’t something I was passionate about, I always wanted to be in fashion and I just took the leap to do it.

Describe your personal style?

I would say, classic and timeless but I do love to experiment and push the boundaries.



"Sustainable fashion is an individual journey, but there is also a mind-field of information out there that makes it harder for us to know exactly what to look out for as consumers, when purchasing from brands. 

Over the past few years of extensive research into sustainable fashion for this brand, and also as a consumer myself, I have decided to compile all of the key aspects of sustainable fashion for you in one place, which provides comprehensive and relevant information for you to make an informed choice.  

With the rise in greenwashing and lack of transparency amongst companies, it unfortunately leaves a lot of the work for consumers to do in terms of researching before they purchase.

This 24 page eBook covers all of the main things that you need to know, to help you on this journey. It includes a range of topics from: a breakdown of sustainable fabrics and their lifecycles, packaging, transparency, circular fashion, affordability and much more. Additionally, referring to the importance of ethical fashion and how this links to sustainable practises.

Throughout, it refers to the environmental impacts of the fashion industry, whilst simultaneously providing recommendations on the small steps we can make as consumers in our pursuit of sustainable and ethical fashion, without feeling guilty or pressured. 

10% of all proceeds will go to OCEANA - a registered charity which works to protect our oceans."

- Grace, Found of VIRIDY