Kate Kilmurray

In over forty lifestyle stores across the United States, as well as speciality shops in Japan and Denmark, you will find Kate Kilmurray’s beautiful textiles. For Kate, the art of handweaving, can be seen as a form of embodied meditation. Kate has been teaching yoga and meditation for more than thirty years, and this is apparent in her artistic practice. Kate now teaches weaving classes to help others slow down, engage the rhythms of the body, and access a state of wholeness and flow.

Kate believes that by incorporating hand woven creations in our homes, we bring more depth, beauty, and meaning to our daily lives. Her designs reflect inner stillness and deep communion with the colours, textures, and patterns of the natural world. The weaving collections include, the ‘Earth Collection’, ‘Forest Collection’, and ‘Sand Collection’, amongst many more, which can be found online at, These are practical, cosy yet elegant, additions to a kitchen, and are all handmade by Kate in Ojai, California.

Following on from a long line of women who worked with their hands, Kate could sense this was the direction for her too. She remembers fondly her introduction to meditation: it came when her grandmother was teaching her to weave with a handloom. Kate graduated with a degree in Art History from the University of Pennsylvania, which led to her running a small textile business and also working for several years at Swan Gallery. Kate especially loved working alongside artists and creating her own art. She sought a journey to wellness, and the combination of meditation, weaving and her love of the visual arts, has led her to where she is today.

Kate's class, Weaving as Meditation, is safely taught over Zoom and helps you to discover the ancient, ancestral craft, to reconnect with yourself and to slow down. The aim is for you to feel refreshed and empowered with a new set of skills to create a sense of calm beauty in your world. Kate says weaving on a metal loom is, ‘joyful, gratifying, contemplative; it’s the perfect antidote to our busy lives’. The class is two hours long and within that time you will create a simple handweaving and learn breathing and mindfulness techniques. Weaving will become a slow rhythmic process. ‘As our hands engage with the loops our mind can become quiet from our conscious stream of thoughts. Through weaving we can integrate the mind, body and spirit as a way to practice meditation and self expression. Weaving and Meditation are tools for the daily self care’ says Kate. 

You can find out more about Kate and her Weaving as Meditation class online at