Casa Atica

Casa Atica is a furniture and architectural design atelier with a selection of edited or re-edited objects. You will find their showroom located in Tulum, Mexico, which is a must see if you happen to travel nearby. Casa Atica designs spaces and manufactures items which convey an abundance of history in contemporary form and consciously transports you to a beautiful place.

At The Minimalist Magazine, we aim to consume consciously and we appreciate Casa Atica’s collection which helps to create a better and more sustainable world. This is unique furniture made to last, created by Tulum’s local communities, using noble materials. The designs are timeless and are intended to be inherited by children and grandchildren.

Each object captures history and spirit. The furniture is crafted with centuries old wood which was rescued from the old houses of Yucatán. The tableware collection is made up of handmade pottery pieces by master artisans: the dishes, bowls and cups show a different patina, which makes them unique pieces. These handmade pottery pieces bring old tradition to the modern world. 

These are objects and spaces consciously designed to enjoy life in fullness; to contemplate nature; to appreciate every second. Beauty made simple.​