We aren’t all complete minimalists, and we don’t expect you, the reader, to be either. We hope to showcase minimalist approaches to life that inspire us and may inspire you.

We appreciate the beauty of the minimal aesthetic. This will be a place for those who are inspired by minimal designs and interiors. 

Another of our focuses is the need to go slower, consume less, hold on to the things that add value and take time to choose better. We hope to live more meaningfully and consciously. We want to help guide this journey by giving our readers navigation towards people, places, design and art as you search for inspiration.

The internet can be a fountain of positivity; we can draw influence from a variety of sources. A scroll of Instagram. A google search. What’s trending on Twitter. We are ready to talk about the influencers and people who are adding to this positivity and can inspire us: we invite you to join this conversation.

Hidden gems for timeless clothing and interiors: and of course created and designed thoughtfully. Whether that be a ceramic piece or discussing a vintage find that complements a particular living space, when you are in need of something new. 

We are here to explore and search for places around the world that can inspire and bring a new experience. Places that can help us slow down, learn something new, appreciate another culture or enjoy time with friends and family.

Health and well-being. We want to talk about the not so well known, ethical skin care products, that actually work wonders, along with what nutritious but delicious recipes are getting us through the working week.

So, grab your drink of choice, and take part in the journey here at The Minimalist Mag.