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Casa Atica

Casa Atica is a furniture and architectural design atelier with a selection of edited or re-edited objects. You will find their showroom located in Tulum, Mexico, which is a must see if you happen to travel nearby. Casa Atica designs spaces and manufactures items which convey an abundance of history in contemporary form and consciously transports you to a beautiful place.


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Carla Freschi

For Carla Freschi, her artwork is fundamentally about bringing a calmness to life and taking a moment to slow down. The Argentinian artist recently said: ‘Most people say my work brings calmness and that’s exactly how I want them to feel. There is something implicit on embroidery’s narrative that makes people slow down for a moment. I also like when the viewer takes ownership of a piece and finds shapes and a different appreciation from what I see, leading to a new space that is safe and comfortable for conversation’.


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